1. No Thermal Bridging: Foam wrapped-wood studs with Interlocking panels virtually eliminate air infiltration through the walls (convective heat-loss). The structure is covered by a minimum of 2” of insulation from the top of the I.C.F. (Insulated Concrete Form) foundation to the underside of the roof trusses (conductive heat-loss).

  2. No Cold Spots: A full insulation panel is intact behind each header & footer of all doors & windows creating a fully insulated area.These are areas of not only radiative, conductive and convective heat loss as well as water infiltration.

  3. Code Compliance: R-24 value in every wall. *Complies with current local and national building codes. Plumbing located on an exterior wall has the benefit of a full panel thickness of Thermal Lock Wall between it and the cold exterior.

  4. Quick On-Site Assembly: No measuring stud centers required, they simply fit into the wall every 16”. Only 3 Thermal Lock components required for normal construction. The Wall sections can also be prefabricated off site and shipped to the construction.

  5. Environmentally Safe: The Thermal Lock Wall contains NO chlorofluorocarbons.

Up to date with the new energy codes that came into effect May 2016.